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“Professionalism is acquired through experience and practice.” – Elsie Hill

Born in Glasgow, I am an Edinburgh University Interior Design BA (Hons) graduate who participated in a semester exchange at Hochschule für Technik Stuttgart. Since graduating in 2021, my focus shifted and I began pursuing a career as a full-time artist. I am influenced mainly by the works of Bauhaus, Mark Rothko, and American-based artist Sean Scully. My abstract style evolved whilst studying which is evident in my portfolio – the digital version can be accessed here.


I am an artist and my quote is a reference to how I am influenced by my design background. Individual briefs require applying skills and knowledge to produce polished quality projects. My technical software experience is the essential component in the production of my artworks. The digital planning approach ensures that my paintings are of the highest standard as the creation process is consistent.


My debut solo exhibition was launched for public viewing over a two-week period in February 2023. The title 'Vision Fruition' refers to the realisation and development of a concept. The theme was visualising single words through colour. The individual abstract artworks consisted of bold colours, sharp lines, and scaled shapes. My preferred medium for painting is acrylic on canvas.

Commissions and collaborations are welcome.

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